Best Bathing Suits for Pear Shapes

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Bathing suits for pear shapes are favorable despite the common thoughts that pear shape or known also as A shape is known widely as sexy silhouette of woman. Some may thing that it i bad shape because the lower body is not proportional comparing to upper body but with smart dressing, people can be confident swimming and bathing wearing bathing suit suitable for pear shapes.

Bathing Suits for Pear Shapes
When you want to hide your pear body shape or at least create effect that your body is not that bottom heavy then a bikini maybe not your best option. You need something to make your upper body look bigger so it can be proportional with your heavy lower figure. You need to choose bathing suit which is designed to accentuate other parts than the lower area. The first one is bathing suit with attractive designs on the chest. When you wander on the beach people will focus on your chest and not the bottom area. The next option is bathing suit with different color on the bust, making it looks as if it is a belt. It creates hour glass silhouette. The “belt” can be replaced by details under the bust. Ruching detail across the stomach and bust is also effective to create slim rather than heavy bottom. Even a simple bathing suit will be great if there is the line on the bust, attracting people to focus on the narrowest area. Try to use full colors chest area with small neck straps while the rest of suit is black or other dark colors. Then experiment with the colors. Some colors can create elongating torso effect such as bright pink.

How about Bikini?
Actually people can wear bikini but there are rules. Use upper piece with full motifs while the bottom piece is plain. Otherwise, choose one with halter neck tie which balances out the heavy bottom. Those are best bathing suits for pear shapes you can choose.

NWT GOTTEX by GOTTEX Multicolor Twist
NWT GOTTEX by GOTTEX Multicolor Twist from Best Bathing Suits for Pear Shapes

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